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We now stock KDAT!

Kiln Dried Brown Treated Wood Now Stocked!

What is KDAT?

When Pine is treated, it goes through a process where the lumber is dipped into a chemical liquid solution that ensures protection of the board from the elements. This board is then referred to as "wet" and either shipped out to consumers or undergoes a process called KDAT, or Kiln Dried After Treatment. This process takes place in a giant kiln where through the use of controlled temperatures and airflow between each board, makes certain that the lumber is dried uniformly. Since traditional decking doesn't have this extra step, it can take 8 months to a year to dry out. While exposed to harsh sun and environment for that drying time the boards become more likely to cup due to uneven drying.

Benefits of using KDAT Lumber:

  • Ability to be immediately or pre-stained without waiting months for wet treated wood to dry naturally.

  • Fast staining reduces twisting, cupping, and warping

  • Less shrinkage problems

  • Lighter material

  • Environmentally sound; less leaching possible due to the re-drying that assures maximum fixation within the wood.

  • Better fastener holding power

Call us today to hear more about what KDAT can do for your projects!

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