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15GA Flooring Stapler 1/2" Crown

  • 1-1/2-inch to 2-inch pneumatic flooring stapler for driving flooring staples. Staple Crown:0.5 inch

  • High-speed, mallet-actuated operation; extra-wide composite base; 420-inch-pounds of driving power

  • Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum;-includes rubber-tipped mallet and foot kit

  • This stapler is ideal when working with ½-inch to 3/4-inch finished or unfinished hardwood flooring

  • 15 by 3-1/8 by 3-1/4; 11.2-pounds

$29.70/4hr Min

This stapler uses 1/2in crown 15ga staples. Look for the tan label!

Need an air compressor or hose to go with your nailer?

We have got you covered!

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